Forum search function

Is it me or does the Forum Search function not work in a logical way? It doesn’t seem to find thread titles.

Hello,I’m no expert here,so I did a test,started typing the name of a thread ,and it came up after I typed in the first 3 letters(LTR) in the name of the thread and this came up, LTR 559 remote. ,so it would do what you want, but it would all depend on how well the poster named there thead

You have had more luck than me!

BME got me this …

So what is going on? As you can see from my last post a ‘BME’ match was on the screen!
I am using Win10, and Chrome, would that have a relevance?
Could it be some sort of ‘user’ setting?
I have tried searching a number of times and always had this problem so it is not new for me.

honestly i’m not sure what the issue is , i too use win10 and Chrome, when i’m not using my Pi and raspbin Buster and chrome

Thanks for your input anyway.
Perhaps an Administrator can answer the question?

Maybe you can ask here,in the other questions section