Picade Redream button mapping

Hi, I’ve just finished building my 10" Picade (RPi 4 8GB) and everything is working ok, except, I had to install the redream emulator on Retropie to get my Dreamcast stuff working. However, the games work fine but the joystick and buttons don’t work at all. It seems that these have to be configured separate to the Retropie setup. Does anyone have any experience of getting this working please?
Thanks :)

There should be a hotkey button (Usually select?) that’ll bring you to a Redream menu. From there you should be able to find the button mapping settings.

Thanks for that. I gave it a try and had to plug a keyboard in to navigate the menu properly but it’s not detecting the Picade’s joystick so only shows keyboard as an input option. I’ll try and mess with it and see how I get on :)