Is there an RSS feed for the forum?


I had an idea for an interesting project and was just wondering whether or not the forum has an RSS feed with a list of most recent posts. Any ideas?


No RSS unfortunately, and no sign it’ll ever be added ( I think it’s considered a dead format by many ). There is, however, a JSON feed which should be trivial to implement.

For example:


I agree with @gadgetoid RSS is still widely used but its dying.

You could try and include the following in a JSON reader.

Whats this project your planning ? :)


@gadgetoid Thanks, that’s great. I think you might be right about RSS, to be honest. I see fewer and fewer sites with RSS functionality these days. I guess it’s all down to the demise of Google Reader.

@tigerfrost Some sort of physical computing project that notifies the user upon a new Pimoroni forums post.

EDIT: Oh wow! This forum system is practically built upon JSON, in that you can append “.json” to most things and collect raw data.

For example: