Teeny Pumps for GrowHat and other addons?

Any news on the teeny pumps for the GrowHat or any other addons you hint at.

It’s getting to growing weather and could do with these soon. :-)

No news I guess
Probably a dead product now :-(
oh well it was a nice idea.

It’s not a dead product! I ordered my teeny pumps and they work wonderfully!

Eventually and I have some now too.

But took a long time and no pimoroni presence in here I guess (nothing on discord too).

I know! I found nothing here so I had to write the wonderful author of the tutorial (Hel) to ask about the pumps and the follow-up tutorial. She was brilliant, got back to me immediately, and even notified me via email once the second tutorial went up. Really wish the forum and Discord would be this amazing.

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