Enviro Grow - has anyone managed to get it working reliably?

I’ve spent some time trying to get the Enviro Grow to work reliably
If you’ve managed to please let me know how you did it. I’m ready to give up and send it back for a refund!
I’m using it with pumps and sensors connected, it works for a while and then stalls. I’ve tried it with the latest 0.0.9 setup uploading data to adafruit and just storing data locally but it has never gone for more than a few hours at the very longest. Any suggestions anyone please?

Mine’s been watering my plants beautifully since I plugged it in a few months ago, but I know our software team is working on squashing some remaining bugs - I think Chris has been working on some adafruit io fixes this week.

Perhaps you could post the details of your problem over on Github if you haven’t already - the more logs/details/info on your setup the better!

It’s good to know you’ve got it working reliably. I’ve tried everything I can think of without any success and have raised an issue on GitHub.

Could you please share the details of your configuration so I can see if it’s a hardware problem or not? Thanks very much