Enviro Grow and Adafruit IO button

Hello, I own an Enviro Grow + Accessory Kit and have setup the communication with Adafruit IO.
Now my question: Is this only a one way communication to upload the sensor readings into an Adafruit feed? Or can I also define a control on my Adafruit dashboard to interact with my Enviro without the need to stand directly infront of the PCB or even to be connected via USB?

Use case would be a) to remotely trigger a sensor reading on demand or b) to set the desired moisture level by having a slider.

If it would be possible I would be glad to get some snippets to point me into the right direction! (I don’t expect a complete solution; should be at least some kinda challenge …)

Thank you in advance!



Any ideas on that?
Would it be possible to somehow define an action in Adafruit IO to set a variable in the Enviro Grow (in my case the Moisture level)?

Any hints are highly appreciated!