Grow kit feedback

I received my grow herbs kit and everything is up to the usual build standards, very nice!

However I do have a few initial things where I’m not totally satisfied:

The piezo alarm is, in my opinion, very quiet. I will definitely not notice it chirping about dry soil from the other side of our busy kitchen.

Why aren’t any grow pumps and connection cables available at launch, even as separate items to the kits? If the system can automatically water my plants then the lack of a louder alarm wouldn’t actually be an issue. It just seems like a strange idea to release grow before you can provide a ‘complete’ system.

Thanks for the 25% off, but I don’t understand why the backlight ‘24x7 always on’ is such a problem. If the light sensor detects it’s getting dark, can’t you stop showing stuff on the display or change the colours and graphics so it appears dimmer. The minimal glow from the backlight on a blank display is, in my opinion, relatively easily ignored. Or is possibly the backlight under some stress and it’s perhaps going to burn out after a while?

On the planting side of things, some small terracotta overflow saucers for under the pots might have been a good idea. I’ve got a few things I can use instead, but it would have been nice if you’d included a drip-tray or saucers in the kit.

I can’t comment on the grow kit itself, but I will chime in on the backlight.
I have two of the 160x80 LCD Breakouts. It’s the same one used in the Enviro + and the Grow. I’m graphing Temperature on one and Humidity on the other. With plans for a third to show Barometric Pressure.
The two I have now cast a lot of light in a dark room and that’s only going to increase when I get the third one wired up. I don’t want to stop graphing at night and at some point I’m going to want to turn off the backlights. I am very thankful that for me it is an option. Just my 2 cents. I can do it via software (python) or just use a mechanical switch, IMHO, its always nice to have multiple options. Even if all I had was via software I’d be happy.
For me with my coding skills, disp.set_backlight(0) is a lot easier than trying to clear the display and show all black etc. My current code is a modified version of one of the Enviro+ examples.