Getting matrix working with Sniff

I have been testing the matrix module on Sniff for Ian Stephenson. Basically it is working but we have some orientation problems to work out for displaying characters. On checking the matrix operation with Rockpool using the new version on a mac with latest firmware I notice that the characters and numbers are correctly displayed with the matrix connector on the right hand side at 3 o’clock. With this orientation I tried the X and Y output selections on Rockpool, and the results seem a little odd.
as the slider output varies from 0 to 100 the X output moves the displayed pixel from bottom right pixel to top right pixel and when displaying the Y output as the slider input moves from 0 to 100 the displayed pixel moves from bottom right to bottom left. This seems odd when compared to normal axes orientations.We can work with this, but I would like to check that this behaviour is what we should aim at before setting the orientations when using Sniff to drive the module.

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