Microdot-phat rotated 180 degrees but set_decimal does not rotate

Hello all,

I modified the source of the clock (https://github.com/pimoroni/microdot-phat/blob/master/examples/clock.py) and added set_rotate180(True) to use the display upside down.
Unfortunately the set_decimal does not rotate?

I tried to set the pixels next to the characters but did not succeed.

Does someone have any ideas?

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Looking at the LED matrix, the decimal is an extra LED all on its own in the corner. Rotating the LED Matrix is going to put it in the wrong spot. Thats likely why it doesn’t rotate. It can only ever be in that one physical location.

Using set pixel it would have to be one of the ones in the regular matrix. And you would have to allow for the display being upside down when you enter X Y Z. Plus, if the number being displayed actually used that LED, your not going to see it. It will already be lit up.

Ah, thanks alphanumeric.

It was my mistake by thinking there was a colum of dots/decimals in between every LED matrix.
Reading your answer and checking the datasheet I noticed my mistake.

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Stuff happens, thats the way it goes some times. I have the display flipped 180 on my sense hat led matrix. I’m displaying scrolling text though, and its an 8 x 8 matrix, so its fine with no hidden issues.
It messed up the Sense Hat joystick though, I had recode all my functions, up was now down etc.