Google AIY voice kit - Change Language

My Google AIY voice kit work perfectly in English, but I want to change language to italian.
How can I do?

I’ve not played with the kit myself, but this looks promising:

I managed to do it, as the google assistant API now works with other languages.

I used a clean raspbian + the “official” repo from google ( BUT I took the voicekit branch as the voicekit branch is curiously more advanced than the aiyprojects branch (and some scripts in that branch simply don’t work …). Steps are described in the “” file.

When everything is set up, you have the device showing up in the google assistant app (on phone), then you can change the language from there. BUT when i did that, my AIY was still in english. So i removed the device from the phone app.

Then, I used also the assistant-sdk repo ( in order to use the dedicated tools (googlesamples-assistant-devicetool) to unregister and re-register the model.

The device should appear in the phone app. Change the language setting from there.
Finally, the aiyprojects demo files should work in your language.

Currently, you still have to pronounce the hotword (OK Google) with english/american accent to trigger the conversation.

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