Grow Hat Mini install not working. No LCD display

Funnily enough I’ve been poking at this myself recently, because of a similar problem on Discord.

The problem is that the Grow library (and subrequirements like the display stuff) is all in a state of flux dealing with both GPIO and python changes that have arrived with the Pi5 & Bookworm, and things don’t work as smoothly as they used to.

The procedure I went through on a Zero WH that resulted in a functioning display was:

  • Install Legacy OS
  • Run CURL installer (curl -sSL | bash)
    (this installer will end abruptly complaining about not running under root; don’t worry!)
  • Checkout the grow hat repo (git clone and move into this directory (cd grow-python)
  • Switch to a slightly older version of that repo, from before they broke Bullseye compatablity (git checkout 581a025)
  • Run the installer (sudo ./
  • Regress the display library (sudo pip install st7735==0.0.5)

That should then result in a fully functional Grow (or at least, it did for me)