Help! Visible Vesa Mount?


I’ve set up a based fleet of RPI dashboards displaying Jenkins build monitors that use a Blinkt! LED to show the current status of our builds. My company is in the process of moving to swanky new offices and each team will have their own 50" TV and I’m looking for a way to mount the PI immediately above or below the television so that the Blinkt! LEDs are visible. Can any one suggest a good way to do that. Some of the TVs will be mounted flush to the wall so I figure that I could simply use an OmniVESA plate but others will be on an angled mount on a column. Any ideas?



Honestly, you can’t go far wrong with self-adhesive velcro pads or double-sided tape. It’s sometimes the simplest things that work best! And as long as it’s hidden behind the TV, who’ll know? :D


Hey @gadgetoid I’m currently using Command strips for this and they work pretty well - I was just wondering if there was a more “professional” solution … I don’t want the PIs hidden behind the TVs as the devs need to be blinded by the super bright LEDs when their builds break ;)


Not the best example, but I guess you’re looking for something like this?


You could leave the Pi where it is and just extend the Blinkt using a 40pin extender cable like this (or you could make custom cables that do the same thing I guess)


That, sir, is an excellent idea. :) Thanks!