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Hi everyone!

So, my touchscreen has arrived and is working perfectly with the pi2. We are going to use these outside of our meeting rooms to show the room availability, which is working great so far. I am now at the point at which we would like to wall mount the display and pi’s but I have not found a viable solution so far, do you have any idea how I should go about doing this.

All help/advice is much appreciated


Sounds like you need some sort of wallmount.

You could either make something that attaches off the screen mounting screws or the legs.
Alternatively if you don’t want to design and make anything, I’d use picture wire. And run it through the holes in the screen legs; then hang it like a normal picture.



Ideally we aren’t looking to design anything ourselves, our specialities are more tech related than fabrication. Picture wire could be an option but would this not be unstable? I was thinking more along the lines of putting the pi into a case then wall mounting from the pi. Has anyone done anything similar?


Something like this: would work if it could be attached to the “top” of the pi rather than the underside


It’d be stable I reckon.

But yeah you could use one of those VESA mounts and put it on the top of the Pi


Do you think that would work, it doesn’t seem like the screws would be long enough for top mounting with the usb ports in the way


Oh yeah you’d definitely need to grab some other screws.

But it turns out it won’t work at all. The feet on the screen case would sit prouder than the VESA mount and stop it being screwed to the wall.


Maybe I should have been clearer, the displays will be recessed into the wall with an arm bracket possibly. So if im not getting this totally wrong we could get one of those omnivesa products, attach it to the top of a pi (with longer screws) then fit that to a 100/75mm vesa bracket that would attach to the wall. The feet would then be obsolete and could be removed.

Does that sound like it would work to you or have I missed something horribly obvious :)


That all sounds good, but the feet are needed to keep the case together. You can put the case together without them but there might be bit of movement between the layers (may not be a problem).

That might be the solution though, to remove the feet. If you leave them on (you can see in the photo below) they protrude further than the VESA mount.


Thanks for posting the above image, that has confirmed my thoughts about top mounting the pi, this would be exactly what I need. We could then fix the pi and touchscreen to something like this:

The feet will have to come off, I see that, would you advise against using some sort of adhesive to “Glue” the layers of the display together. Once it’'s set-up it wont be coming back apart anyways. Thanks again for the advice, much appreciated


If you want a permanent permanent permanent solution. Take the feet off. Then get yourself some of this

That will stick the acrylic layers together and they won’t come apart any time soon. You will have the most secure Pi screen ever.

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Awesome thanks for the help, I’ll update with the finished product for anyone who comes across this thread in the future


I know this thread has been quiet for some time now. But we have recently released a mount for the Official Pi Touchscreen. And we have customers doing this exact thing (scheduling panels outside of conference rooms). Feel free to check it out (if the need still exists). Best of luck.