Thermal issues on HDMI 8" IPS LCD Screen Kit?

I’m looking at mounting my HDMI 8" IPS LCD Screen Kit in a photo frame, between the glass front and the wooden back, and with a cardboard mount around the screen. The Raspberry Pi will be outside the frame. Does the screen get hot? Are there any risks associated with mounting the screen in a frame like this?

Thanks in advance for any pointers or shared experience.

I can’t answer your question about heating, but I am curious if you purchased your kit recently and if the display is working for you? I bought two kits recently from Adafruit, they wouldn’t work, Pimoroni sent me two replacements, and I’m having trouble with those too. It seems like there is an issue internal to the displays themselves, nothing wrong with the Pimoroni controller.

Don’t mean to hijack your thread, just curious if you’ve had success with your display :)

For what it’s worth, during my troubleshooting on my displays, the screens (on the rare occasion I’ve had a workable image) barely warmed up at all, the controller got a little warm but nothing crazy. For my project I plan to have the controller exposed to the air just to be in the safe side, but certainly no forced air cooling. I would guess that at least some means of heat to get away from the controller would be wise in your case, but it probably doesn’t need to be totally exposed as mine will be (assuming I can get the displays to work that is…). These are just my guesses of course, hopefully someone with a bit more luck with these displays can give you a more experienced-based answer.

Mine works fine. I haven’t run it for any length of time yet, but I’ve connected it to a Raspberry Pi and used the desktop for maybe 15 minutes. I bought my kit directly from Pimoroni recently.

Thanks for your pointers regarding temperature. I think I’ll need to test it within my enclosure to see how it performs.