How large is the Picade kit un-assembled?

I’ll be in the UK in a month or so and I’m wondering if I could fit it in my luggage. It looks reasonable from the size of the finished product but I thought it would make sense to check and avoid the panic later… :)

The box is 46x34x11cm in size, and the whole kit weighs 4.3kg. It would be no small feat to carry back, but not impossible.

Mine have recently traveled from France to the UK in a luggage, so it’s doable.

When I need to pack it, I use the original box, but I just unmount it in large part, button are kept on the front pannel, but not the joystick, HP and button are still on the side pannel, the screen is fully assembled (I just detach the screen ribbon to prevent a potential damage on it. All screws are attache to the plastic thing, the Picade PCB is detached from the base panel.

I don’t use the 2 boxes to store thing so taht leave plenty of space, and the whole picade fit well as a semi-kit inside the box. Just need to be carefully put inside to prevent rip or break of some pieces. but for now, no issue with that, it has move a lot since I bought it.
The only thing I don’t put in that box is the Pi I’m using with it, as I use it for other things when it’s not in the Picade.

I can take pictures of it boxed if someone is interested

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Excellent, thanks for the info! Checked baggage it is. ;)