How long would it take to fry a Pi?



I’m thinking of leaving BOINC running in the background on my Pi3 whenever i’m not using it. However, is it safe to leave the CPU running at 100% all of the time? How long can I leave it going before there was a strong smell of burning plastic?



I’ve already fitted a heatsink, but no go-faster stripes.


I would recommend using an oven with your Pi, not frying it. Fried Pi’s are a little crispy and often end up cold in the centre. :D

cough, joking aside, according to this, you should be fine, as long as you have it adequately cooled. Of course, there’s always the issue of reduced SD card life if you’re constantly read/writing to it, but that’s an unrelated issue to CPU usage.
I would recommend adding some kind of cooling fan as well, just to make sure. :)

Oh, and don’t forget the go-faster stripes!


The pi will also thermal throttle if it starts getting hit as well so that should stop it from reaching temperatures that will potentially be damaging to it.


I have a couple Pis that run continuously. I just logged into my NAS/Proxy server and it says it’s been going strong for 104 days - probably since the last power outage that lasted longer than the UPS could manage.