Raspbery Pi Zero W getting too hot

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I own a Raspberry Pi Zero W since March. I used it about 2 month, I tried different stuff on it, and 1 month I let it. Today, when I wanted to start it again, I plugged in the micro USB, and it worked about 10 minutes, didn’t toucht it tough. After 10 minutes, it just turned off. I wanted to unplug the micro USB and plug it again, but it was too hot and I’ve got a little burned. I let it for about 1 hour, reinstalled OS, tried again and it boots, but in 10 sec it just get too hot. After 1 minute it turned itself off. Tried 2 microSD, Raspbian Pixel and Lite. Even withouth microSD and powered it’s getting hot. What can I do now?

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Are you using a soldered header or a hammer header?

Does it complete the boot process, get hot, and turn off or is it also stone dead?

It could be something shorted out, or could simply be fried. I have a Model A+ Pi which I did something unspeakable to, and it now basically only functions as a small heater.

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I met the samilar problem with. Do you have the solution now?


Unfortunately I bought a new one. I still have the old one and I connect it
to a battery when I m cold and I want something very hot near me.

Pe 30 nov. 2017 11:04 a.m., “tianzhi” pimoroni@discoursemail.com a scris:

Thanks! I still don’t know why it’s broken.