Raspberry Pi Zero USB not receiving data

Hello. I used my RPi Zero for quite some projects and it workde fin. Until one day it stopped working and just got very hot when plugged in…(very hot i almost burned my finger and the case started warping).
Then i didnt use it for a month and today i decidet to try again so i put a sd card with Raspbian in it and it somehow worked.... well sort of..It booted and i was rewceiving the desktop image on my monitor, But my mouse, keyboard and ethernet were not working, (The hub has 2 small activity LEDs and they were on and blinking, but i measured the current on the usb and it was 0.00A) those were al connected through a usb & rj46 hub that worked before… So i tested different hubs and micro usb OTG addapters and nothing worked. Then i also reloadwed the sd card with a fresh copy of the OS and that didnt work either… I also tried different OS (Like OSMC).
Did anyone have any simmilar problems.
Thanks… (sorry for my grammar errors)