Raspberry Pi Zero W stopped working


Hi! I bought a Raspberry Pi Zero W with the BLINKT extension. I assembled everything and soldered the header and everything worked fine.

I built a traffic light system that connects to the public transport monitor in my city. I connected the Pi to my external smartphone batterie pack and hat it running for 2 days. After that time, I decided to power it off for a while. Now (probably 5 days later) I tried to boot it again but I no longer receive any response from the hardware - I tried a different power source but the result was the same.

Is there any way to find out if the device is bricked?


How did you shut it down? Did you do a safe software shutdown? or a ‘just pull the power out’?

If the latter, it may have corrupted the SDcard and it will need reformatting and re-installing from scratch.


Thank you, that helped. I’m sorry that I haven’t tried that earlier.