My Raspberry Pi zero w reboots when pressure is applied to the PiHat

Hey, I ordered and received the raspberry pi zero w kit and the no soldering GPIO pin kit. Just today I decided to try everything out. I hammered in the GPIO pins with the kit and plugged in the pi. I downloaded everything onto it in the “getting started with Blinkt!” tutorial. Then, when I used the python scripts given, none of the lights turned on. I looked at the pi and applied a small bit of pressure to see if the Blinkt! was held securely in place by the pi, which immediately rebooted my pi. I tried doing that again when it was back on and it rebooted my pi again. I shut it down and haven’t tried anything since. What would be the problem here?

Make sure the Blinkt is covering all 40 pins of the pi’s header

Also make sure the rounded corners on Blinkt! face outwards, matching the corners of the Pi Zero W itself.

(Oh and make sure you’re not resting a naked Pi Zero on anything metallic or conductive!)