How to access

Hi All,

New user of ’ Enviro Weather (Pico W Aboard)’ here.

Gone through the ‘wifi’ provisioning process.

There it talks about the

How do I access it? There is such a confusing sequence of buttons pushing and plugging into the laptop that I have yet been unable to get to the elusive

Please point to a doc with detailed instructions how to do it. Which button to press when and how to connect the board to the laptop (wifi / usb ???) I tried plugging the board to laptop via USB cable but nothing seen on new disk drives nor something in thonny.


When flashed with a Micro Python based uf2 file, the Pico / RP2040 won’t show up as a disk drive, removable storage, etc. You will only see it if its in boot mode.

You can still access it via an IDE such as Thonny.
This should help.

Getting Started with Enviro (Pico W Aboard) (