How to control linear actuator with position feedback?

I need to run an actuator from four (momentary) buttons. Each button must correspond to a special location of the actuator. To that, four LEDs to indicate which location have been chosen. I would have preferred a 1 digit, 7-segment display, but can’t seem to find one… Only 4 digits…

I can do the coding just fine, but I’m struggling with the hardware. I’m a “software guy”, I’ve always avoided hardware :).

I’m thinking a Raspberry Tiny2040 (hopefully 16 GPIO is enough, otherwise I’ll have to go up to a Pico) and an actuator with position feedback. There’s a lot of these available, but they all seem to come with five cables.

I’m not sure I can control these directly from the RPi, or if I need a TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier. I’ve been googling and trying to find any example out there all day, but can’t find anything that might help me solve the problem.
There’s a lot of examples on how to run actuators, but they all seem to be “from A to B [without caring about position]”.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.