How to create a stand alone rolling presentation display?

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I’ve not even touched a Raspberry Pi or other nano computer. However…

I run a tech conference and we are setting up LCD screens on stands around the venue. We want to run a presentation on each screen that is not being used by someone else.

I was thinking of adding a R-Pi to the vesa mount on the back of the screen and have that run the presentation.

Is this possible? What Pi and kit would I need? What OS would be able to run a Powerpoint .ppt or .pptx file?

Any help gladly accepted.

Raspbian, the standard OS for Raspberry Pi, comes with LibreOffice pre-installed. How good a job it will do translating an existing PowerPoint document I can’t tell you… but on the principle it’s certainly doable and should be painless, hopefully.

As to which Pi you need, it does not really matter, though VESA mounts are typically for ‘full size Pis’, i.e at this point a Pi3. You certainly don’t need the processing power of a Pi3 though, but if you need a bunch of Pis that’s still your best bet as it’s not possible to get the Zero in bulk quantities (or rather any more than 1 per order) at this stage.

… not sure I have answered your question, if not post again outlining any particulars I might have missed.

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That’s genius, thanks RogueM.

That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

I’ll order a Pi Zero and see if it works.

Thanks again.