How to set up the pico enviro+ pack?

I know how to install the firmware and use Thonny. But I’m unsure on what firmware to use? Do I use the micro python pico w firmware or micropython enviro firmware?

What libraries/drivers do I need to install?

I have tried with the micro python pico w firmware and I run the enviro all basic example however it spits out an error that the breakout_bme68X can’t be initialised?

What are the install instructions?

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If you’re using a Pico W with an Enviro+ Pack, you’ll need our custom Pico W image from the releases page - here’s a direct link!

You’ll need some extra files to run the wireless examples - you can find instructions where to find those here: pimoroni-pico/micropython/examples/pico_enviro at main · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub

What is the pico w enviro firmware for?

This is the error I receive after installing the firmware linked above and running the bme688 sensor py example

The Enviro build includes the early wake-up tweaks we implemented for Enviro Weather, Indoor, Urban and Grow and is the base for the Enviro firmware - you don’t need it for Enviro+ Pack.

Looks like it’s struggling to find the BME688 there - is the pack plugged into your Pico the right way round and fully pushed down on the pins, and is the soldering on your Pico headers solid?

Turns out I hadn’t pushed the pins down all the way but I’m getting a new error!

Orientation of pico

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Orientation looks good!

The pins at the top right look a little bit like you’ve got some solder bridging going on - might be worth checking that the pins aren’t touching as that could interfere with I2C? (though could just be a trick of reflections/camera?)

Oh, just seen the post before this one - looks like you’re using from bme68x… there instead of from breakout_bme68x…?