How to use 11x7 matrix lib for uPython on Pi Pico

How to use 11x7 matrix lib for uPython on Pi Pico?
Until now I used .py libs only on microcontrollers running uPython.

Do you mean the Pico Scroll?

You’ll need to install Pimoroni’s uPython firmware: see the guide here.

There is documentation on the functions which you can use here.

No, Pico Scroll is included already.
There is a 11x7 matrix breakout what I want to use.

I think I found a library at matrix11x7-python/ at master · pimoroni/matrix11x7-python · GitHub

But at first I have to sleep ;-)

Ah, I understand now.

That library was writte for standard Python, which unfortunately isn’t exactly the same as MicroPython. I expect the main thing which would need changed is the way it accesses the I2C bus. Pimoroni seem to be gradually working through the breakouts and creating MicroPython code for them.

That’s fine. Will wait.