How to use Kittenbot KOI module

Hi there,

I just got my order Kittenbot KOI. But I found no documentation about how to use it.

I downloaded the KittenBlock Software and installed as described here

But after updaing the software I cannot select the KOI module anymore.

I also found out that the module open an WiFi AP and I was able to connect to it but the web page was not helpfull ether.

So I want to now is there some linux software I can use?
How can I use micropython with it? Are there any tutorials?
How do I upload code to the device?

Kind regards

first i will say i know nutting , but i feel you pain,with programing issues ,just wanted to add that there is a twitter kittenbot group where you might fined help quicker than here good luck

According to this page MicroPython is supported.


Kittenblock Makecode
Micropython Arduino (PlatformIO)

Apparently Kittenbot KOI AI Module Based on K210 (RISC-V) - Supported by Micro:bit/Arduino/Raspberry Pi

So Mu should work with it for Micro Python programing. Or even the Arduino IDE for programing in C.