Hyperpixel 4.0 + HiFiBerry DAC

Hey there! Just wondering if it’s possible to combine something like the HiFiBerry DAC with the Hyperpixel 4.0 touch? It looks like the HFB can be connected to an additional set of header pins, would this work? I’d like to build something like the RPi Hi End Audio DAC seen here


That additional header pin on the Hyperpixel is for i2c. I think you’ll find that your DAC uses i2s. If it does the two are not going to work together.

Thanks @alphanumeric

I’m kind of a noob and don’t really know what the i2c is, however, this article says that you can use i2C devices with the HP4.0 if you symlink it.


Does that mean I could potentially use a DAC if I rig up one of those connectors?

If it used i2c yes. Most DAC’s use i2s though. You need a pinout of what pins that Hat uses and what functions they do.


Normally I go here to see what uses what pins. Your HiFi Berry DAC isn’t in the list though