Hyperpixel 4.0 power requirements


What’s the power draw for the Hyperpixel 4.0 w/Touchscreen? I want to add it in to an existing project but don’t know if I’ve got enough overhead to run it and an additional Pi Zero to drive it. I’d hook the existing Pi Zero in the project to the I2C of the display to allow the display Pi to control the project Pi. Since it gets its power from the Pi (5V and 3.3V) it can’t be too power hungry I wouldn’t think. Another display option might be better for my needs, but this one does look really nice. :D


First off, that display uses “all” of the GPIO pins. And remaps / repurposes some of them, like i2c.
. https://pinout.xyz/pinout/hyperpixel4#
As far as I know the Pi Zero does not have a poly fuse, so it doesn’t have any restrictions on the current it can supply to add on’s. With in reason.
I believe they recommend that you use the official 2.5A Power supply. Thats what I would use, if I had a Hyperpixel.


HyperPixel is about 150mA draw of which around 110mA is the backlight and 30-40mA the screen.

You can PWM control the backlight to reduce brightness, but as of yet the pwm-bl module isn’t available in Raspbian so you have to do it with the gpio utility or similar.


150 mA isn’t much really. I’m impressed. =) Good things come in small packages.
If your as old as I am, you can remeber a day when you had a 19 inch CRT monitor on your desk.
And had to move your desk out from the wall so it would fit, lol.
And wondered if your desk could handle the weight.


Wow, 150mA is impressive! This setup is running off a battery which should be able to supply a little over 2A. I haven’t got a good feel of actual power requirements yet but there should be enough headroom for a Hyperpixel and additional Pi Zero. I need to take some measurements when it’s finally assembled and working. Not sure how I’m going to do that now it’s all wired together though. :)

I too remember 19" CRTs, but they were a luxury item - 14 to 15" was the norm. :D


What the Pi needs is documented here, https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/faqs/#pi-power
Looks like the Zero W draws ~150ma. And the basic Zero ~ 100ma.

I had one 19 inch CRT, came by some extra money and splurged on a new system. That monitor and all the other bits I bought that day are long gone now, lol.

This may come across as bragging but I currently run a triple monitor setup. Two 4:3 19 inch LCD’s and a 22 wide screen LCD. Accumulated over the years. The two normal aspect 19 inchers are getting old now. I’m surprised they still work to be honest. Florescent Tube backlights in those.

Anyway, have fun with your Hyperpixel. I hope you get it all working as intended.


Is it possible to say how much of this is from the 5V rail and how much from the 3V3 rail? Is the backlight on the 5V rail?

We’re designing the Hyperpixel4 into a CM3-based product and it would be good to know what’s actually needed from each rail.