Hyperpixel 4 touch acting oddly

So i have the hyperpixel 4 touch mounted on a P14b8Gb with the latest drivers and all is roated and working great, except for the touchscreen keeps activating on screen buttons in the dashboard i have running. The Pi is just sat on the desk at the moment not in a case but i want to mount it in a case ASAP so its protected. Is it faulty or is there some calibration that needs doing to rectify it? Its connected to a 3D printer running octoprint and at the moment it keeps doing random buton presses like over heating the bed which is a fire hazard and other random things like canceling print jobs, crashing the nozzle into the bed etc etc, i can phsically watch it doing the random button presses on screen.
I was running with fan shim on the Pi at 1st and thought it might be causing a conflict but now attached a heat sink and the issue is still there.

any help appreciated please.