HyperPixel screen not registering touch in a certain screen region :(

To help celebrating Pimoroni’s fifth birthday (hurray!) I’ve ordered a HyperPixel which I got today in my mail. Installation, both hardware and software, went totally smooth – as I have come to expect from Pimoroni.

Unfortunately, while the screen does respond precise to touch in most of its regions, there’s a small rectangular region near the right edge, starting below mid height and extending down for around one centimeter, where it does not register any touch. It is exactly the region where the “OK” button from this infamous “SSH is enabled and the default password…yadayadayada” goes. It’s a “blind” spot to touch, approx 2cm x 1cm next to the right border. In all other places touch works as expected.

See also this short take: https://youtu.be/ZPvskkbE54s – touching the OK button doesn’t work at all. But after I moved the dialog with its button much to the left, touching works in the other region.

Now what to do?

Just in case you didn’t see my response to your post in the other thread, I think you need a replacement.

See: HyperPixel Touchscreen Calibration Issue

Thanks, I already noticed, and a replacement is on its way.

Got my replacement HyperPixel in the mail today. Works like a charm, no touch issues (aside from those stemming from my thick fingers). Many thanks to Pimoroni for quickly sending a replacement on its way and for reimbursing me the cost of sending back the faulty unit. This service is highly appreciated.