HyperPixel4 display_rotate freezes screen at startup

I’m new to the community and just started to build my first Raspberry 4 with HyperPixel4. The Problem I have belongs to the orientation of the screen. I want it to be landscape but it comes in portrait out of the box.
I freshly installed raspbian light and updated it. After that, I cloned: https://github.com/pimoroni/hyperpixel4/tree/pi4 and run the install script.

The display works fine but is in the wrong orientation. I googled the whole afternoon and tried different things to fix this problem on my own. All for nothing.

When I boot up without any changes to the config.txt. Raspbian boots fine on the little display and shows the console but in portrait orientation.
When I put display_rotate=1 into the config. The raspbian boots but the display stop in the boot process at [ OK ] Found device /dev/serial1. The display orientation is right now, but it’s frozen. What is kinda weird, the raspberry seems to finish booting normally in the background because I can connect via ssh after a while.

It would be nice to get some help. I try to attach some photos. Maybe that helps.

Kind regards

Have a look under the Rotation section here, I think thats the wrong command.

Oh yes, I tried that to. That raised an exception and therefore had no effect on the orientation.

The same error occurs when I run the command direct on the respberry tty.

Ok, that wasn’t it. I don’t own one so I don’t think I can be of much more help.
Maybe Phil @gadgetoid or Sandy @sandyjmacdonald can help.
If you haven’t already try a forum search for hyperpixel rotate, and see what comes up. I’m pretty sure there have been a few similar threads on the go here.

Good Evening , were you ever able to get your screen to function in landscape mode correctly ? i have been at this for over a week with the Hyper Pixel 4 with my Pi4 Octopi Touch UI setup and i cant get this screen to rotate for the life of me