I think my pi zero is defective (usb ports not working)

set up my pigrrl zero following adafruits instructions and used their provided software with a zero i purchased from pimoroni. works perfectly other than zero usb functionality on either port. i have checked my adapter wiring, checked with a multimeter to make sure that my solder joints were good, still no response from the usb on my zero. i noticed that one of the ports does not sit flush with the pcb, what are the chances that this is a sign of a faulty pi?

There are so many things wired up to that pi, with no clear overview of what goes where, that it would be difficult to spot all relevant parameters to take into account in my response.

… keeping it brief then, I haven’t personally seen any report of failing USB ports on the zero, though I’m sure there have been some. If you didn’t test the bare Pi before embarking on the hacking job though, only you can troubleshoot this one most likely.

Alternatively take additional shots that gives the full picture of what you are trying to do, and any software modification you would have performed, who knows one of us may be able to spot the culprit…

OK, I have tracked down the tutorial which I believe you have followed?

… I strongly urge you to use colour-coded wiring in the future, and at the very least use unique distinctive colours for vcc and ground, it will make it a hell of a lot easier for anyone not in the room to make sense of what is going on ;-)

Anyhow, as far as I can tell you can very easily test your USB port by plugging in a usb mouse in place of your hacked case adapter. That will tell you immediately if the problem is the port on the Pi.

If not, which is quite likely, then try the same basic peripheral at the other hand of your USB case adapter, and you’ll know whether the problem lies in that part of your project.

If not, then take it to the next relevant point that may be one of failure, I guess the software side or particular peripherals you are using for the final project.

… I hope these pointers help somewhat?