I want to run 0.96LCD on Raspberry Pi Pico, but is it not possible in C?

nice to meet you.
I would like to connect a 0.96LCD to Raspberry Pi Pico and make it work.
However, I can’t find any C sample code.
(I’ve seen C++ and Python, but I want to run it in C.)

1.Does anyone know any sample code to run it in C?
2. I can’t find the reset pin, is it ok to set it to -1?

I included the following library and ran the sample, but there was no reaction.
#include <Adafruit_GFX.h>
#include <Adafruit_ST7735.h>

I can’t find the reset pin, is this setting ok to set it to -1?
#define RESET -1
#define DC 8 // D9 LCD_DC
#define CS 9 // D10 LCD_CS
#define TFT_SDA 7 // D11 LCD_SDA (MOSI)
#define TFT_SCL 6 // D13 LCD_SCL (SCK)

I have a C++ project for that: GitHub - bablokb/pico-st7735: Pico display library for the ST7735 and GitHub - bablokb/pico-st7735-demo: Demo/Test program for repository pico-st7735

thank you! I’ll check it out.