I2C breakout


What’s the best way to put together an I2C breakout board? What I mean is that I would like to have almost an external, 4 track board carrying power and I2C pins for easy connection of additional devices without getting to work through stacking headers, etc. Current project has plenty of scope for physical separation of the phats from the pi. Current idea is a piece of verify board with a header attached, and attach new devices to those tracks but it seems messy.


Also, if I am fundamentally wrong on how to connect I2C devices together I am more than happy to be put right.


Ah. ProtoZero. Sorry - ignore me. :)


you would just need a piece of prototyping board with 4 rails, as you said, with as many connections as you want devices (Vcc, Gnd, Data, Clock).

As long as the connected devices have separate addresses on the bus - and they all require the same VCC - then there will be no problem. I guess you could have both a 3.3v and a 5v rail if you wanted to cater for both operating power requirements.

… I don’t think, sadly, that there is a standardised sequence for I2C (external sensors) headers, so it does not really matter which order you lay them out. The great thing when looking at the Pi is that you can use a 2x3 header to tap into the Pi header. Or, yes, something like the proto zero would be a neater solution.