ICM 20948 continously consuming 1.5mA

Hi all,

I am trying to interface ICM20948 breakout board with arduino to enable DMP.
Though DMP is enabled, but it is consuming current of 1.5mA continuously even f i am enabling 9 axis or only gyrometer or only Accelerometer.
I even tally with datasheet, but the observations are not even nearby to the value. It is always consuming 1.5mA.

Thanks & Regards
Atoshi Basak

How are you, and why are you measuring the current draw?

becauuse we are using it inside a low power battery device, where every single unit of current makes a count.
We are using Fluke 15B+ multimeter in mA mode.

OK, fair enough, it just seemed odd that you would do that, makes sense now. Well why your doing it makes sense, the readings your getting don’t though? And I’m not sure what is going on to be honest. So your meter is between the Arduino +V and the breakouts 2-6V pin?