My multimeter appears to have stopped working!


One of your digital multimeters was purchased for me as a gift last October. Around January, it stopped working (I would have informed you sooneer but I’ve had a lot of projects to do!).

The green backlight lights up when you press the button, but nothing shows on the display (regardless of mode) and the continuity setting doesn’t bleep, even if I touch the two leads directly together.

I’ve put a brand new 9V battery in it. The fuse hasn’t gone, and I don’t ever remember using the 10A setting.

What’s gone wrong - can I fix it or do I need to return it?

Thanks :)

Hey Archie,

The only other thing I can think of is that the display ‘Hold’ button might be pressed. But that should show something on the display.

Have a check, and if not, get in touch with so we can check it out and replace it :-)