Two FREE multimeters


I have two digital multimeters that I no longer need. I can’t be bothered to put them on eBay or anything like that.

One is an auto ranging Micronta one that does DC and AC voltage, DC current, diode check, and resistance. I probably paid £30+ for this more than 10 years ago.

The other one is a cheap Chinese job with DC and AC voltage, DC current, resistance, diode check, and transistor hFE (which I’m pretty sure doesn’t work properly). I was given this one a few years ago.

My thought was “There must be a couple of beginners in the Raspberry Pi community that would like a multimeter”. I would like to give them to two different people, although I would be happy to send them both to a school or similar.

They have both been in use until recently, and are accurate, as far as I know (they at least both agree and match my new multimeter). They will both come with a battery and test leads. Obviously, there are only two, so it will have to be the first two people that respond.

I thought that the recipients could optionally buy me something cheap (£2-4) from Pimoroni, such as these

but that is not a condition, just a suggestion, because the idea is that these will go to people who cannot afford a multimeter.


Just want to say that brilliant initative. I would like one of those, of course, I am a begginer and a multimeter would be a good addition to my tiny equipment. Fortunately, I can afford it, so hope you find someone who can’t.

If you don’t find we can talk about it, because I won’t buy one in a while.


I have been surprised by the lack of response to this. I first offered these on the forums, and got no interest.

If I have had no other response, then you are welcome to have one of them.


I can’t understand why you didn’t get response, is a good oportunity for someone who maybe is not going to use much, so doesn’t want to spend money, and this way can have a useful tool. I replied as soon as I saw it, but perhaps because I am almost new to the forum, my posts need to be checked by a moderator before being published.

I have been thinking and probably is not a good idea in my case, I live in Spain and the shipment costs won’t make it worth, I believe I can buy a no-brand one here for 10-15 € (7-10 pounds) and the costs involved sending it should be higher. Anyway, I know you didn’t do this for getting one of those cheap products from Pimoroni, but send me your address by DM and I’ll buy one. Such a good initiative as yours deserves some reward.



Hei Julian, is your offer still valid? Tks


Yes, the offer still stands. I only have the auto-ranging one left now.

The postage would be £3.00.


These multimeters have now both gone.