Identifying Pimoroni UF2

How can I tell if a Pico has the Raspberry Pi MicroPython or Pimoroni MicroPython UF2 installed.
I have several Pico’s with a mixture of CircuitPython, Raspberry Pi MicroPython and Pimoroni MicroPython. The CircuitPython is easy to identify, and I have put a sticker on it.
I just need to identify the different the different MicroPythons

I think I have just managed to answer my own question.
If you type;
help(‘modules’) in the shell in Thonny it comes back with a list of the modules on the Pico that is currently plugged in.
On one with the Pimoroni UF2 installed there is a Pimoroni module. That module is not present on the standard Raspberry Pi UF2

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