ImportError: no module named 'ussl'

I use Python on Pico W and when I changed to UF2 ver 1.23.0-1 Bugfix 1 my email program (which uses the lib) now gives this error:

ImportError: no module named ‘ussl’

Is ‘ussl’ missing in the latest UF2 build or is there a way to fix this?

Thanks for looking

Looks like ussl is one that needs to be included when MicroPython is compiled - is it available in the vanilla MicroPython build?

Oh, just had a thought - it could be worth trying import ssl instead if this is something that’s only started happening with the most recent release? I think the u prefix is in the process of being deprecated.

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Da dah… @hel, your ‘just a thought’ was correct. I changed all occurances from ussl to ssl and can now send emails again. It probable needs adding in the readme.

Thanks for spotting it.

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