Improving the NVME base for easier flashing of SSD

My one criticism of the NVME Base is that it does not offer an easy way to re-flash the SSD. When booting the Pi 4 from an SSD connected via USB, you can just just plug the SSD drive into a PCwith a USB cable to flash the SSD using Pi imager. With this design you need to unscrew the board, remove the NVME drive, insert it in a USB-NVME dock (which is expensive), flash the drive and reassemble. All in all a headache particularly if you need to do it frequently.The alternative is to boot the Pi from the microSD and flash the SSD that way but it involves attaching a display, keboard and mouse which may not be practical for some setups who are only accessing the Pi via SSH.

I would love to see a future design that includes a USB port on the NVME base board to enable easy flashing of the attached NVME drive.

If you have SSH, you can simply flash (after booting from microSD) with something like

sudo su -
xzcat foo.img.xz > /dev/nvme0n1
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