Inky Developer Display - Additional APA102 Leds

Hi Guys!

I would like to add some APA102 Leds, which should be possible as stated on the shop-website. (Inky Developer - Pimoroni)

“Additional pins broken out (display pins and additional APA102 output)”

“The display boards include a set of headers for the APA102 pins, so it’s possible to add more LEDs onto the chain that’s on the front of the board!”

A APA102 uses 6 pins. (Datasheet:
DI(Data In), DO (Data Out), CI (Clock In), CO (Clock Out), VCC (5V DC) and GND

Which voltage does the pin labelled “VLED” supply? 5V or 3.3V?
Also, I can’t find any pins for DI and CI, but I can for the others.

Thanks for reading^^

Ahoy Hado!

We’ve just added schematics for Inky Developer to the shop page, which should help (here’s a direct link to the display schematic).

The data and clock pins for the LEDs are connected via an IO expander. VLED will be supplied with 5V (as long as the power is turned on by toggling on a pin on the IO expander).

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Many thanks for your help & fast response!