Inky Impressions: displaying interactive menus

I’m looking at the Inky Impressions 4" screen for a project but want to display interactive menus controlled via the buttons. Partial updates are one solution: I haven’t fully scoured the Python library nor the UC8159 datasheet (which looks like the right chip for the 4"), so I’m not sure that’s possible. If anybody knows that would be great - I’m happy to modify the drivers (or write my own in C).

The other is to connect some LEDs to highlight the current selection - I do have an LED shim I can devote but I’d like to post my project somewhere when it’s working. I don’t want to depend on a discontinued product in case anybody’s interested. Is there something similar to the LED shim that would be compatible?

I am not sure if these ACEP displays are suitable for interactive things. They are just too slow…

Regarding the LED-shim: I would not worry about that. Of course there are users who just want to take a project and rebuild it, but most users want to be creative. So as long as you provide a blueprint implementation with your shim other users should have a good starting point to get going.

That’s good advice; I’ve ordered the 4" Inky along with a Display HAT Mini for a different range of lighting conditions.