Inky Frame 4 - network module not found

I’m trying to run some of the python examples on my new Inky Frame 4. But anything that uses the NetworkManager module raises an error that the “network” module can’t be found. Example:

import network
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
ImportError: no module named ‘network’

Where can I find this module? I’ve browsed through the micropython tree and can’t find it anywhere obvious there. I’m using the 1.19.11 branch as the latest release branch didn’t seem to support the 4.0 version of the frame.

So to answer my own question, this problem happens if you install the generic Pico release rather than the inky frame specific release. I had suspected this before but found that for some unknown reason I could not connect to the board with Thonny when the default demo “launcher” was running. Strangely that problem did not happen when I tried once again this morning.