Inky Frame 7.3 portrait format

I would like to mount my 7.3 inch Inky Frame in portrait mode, using the supplied legs. The mounting holes are only suitable for landscape format. This would involved drilling a 2.5 mm hole near the word “INKY FRAME”, around the second black hole of the “spiral binding”. Is there any reason I should not do this - anything electronic around that point? Any reason these should not be pre-drilled by yourselves?


Similarly, I’d love to hang the Inky Frame in Portrait mode. I gone to too many furry conventions where you need to have your main character as a badge, and could use a consolidation of all the character badges I have! The Inky Frame 7.3 is perfect for that, if I can have it in portrait format.

What if you rotate your image, before transferring it to the inky.

Quite often when taking pictures of my Pi / Pico builds, my camera shots end up rotated 90 degrees. Depends on which way I was holding my camera. To fix it before uploading them for viewing on the forum, I rotate them in the Photo’s app so they are right side up.

Just revers it, rotate them so they are laying on there side, then transfer to the inky. Then when you rotate your inky they are right way round.

Thanks, but this is a portrait format image. The Inky supports are for landscape format, hence the need for an extra hole.


Ops, sorry, had a brain fart.
One option is to contact Pimoroni tech support, to see if they have that info on the new holes.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support - Pimoroni

Thanks, I’ll do that but I thought that the forums were the first point of contact.