Inky phat extension lead?


Hi, I’ve got a Raspberry Pi 3, and am a bit of a newbie… I liked the look of the Inky Phat screen (when they come back in stock) and wanted to try and build a slideshow of small images on it for my first project and learn python… I wanted to have the screen about 1 foot away from my Pi though, is that possible? - As it’s my first project I’d like to avoid any soldiering etc… Is there some sort of extension lead I could buy from here to at least get close to 12" away and I can just plug and play? (I’d like to mount it in a wooden box)

Thanks for your advice in advance, and excuse my ignorance!



The pinout can be found here, to see what pins are used.

One option is male to female jumpers. Daisy chain them together to get the length you want. Female end on the Pi GPIO, male end to the inky pHat.

Another option is the Min black hat hacker,
or the phat stack,

The old 40 pin 40 wire IDE hard drive cables will work with them and get you some extra length. Just don’t use the newer 40 pin 80 wire IDE cables. They have some pins grounded for drive selection.