Inky Phat Yellow Not Working

I’ve been unable to get the inky phat yellow to work.

Which is the recommended OS for it now days with the pi zero 2 w. Also which setup instructions do I use as there is conflicting documentation on Inky pHAT (ePaper/eInk/EPD) - Red/Black/White

If I follow the old guide it doesn’t detect the phat ink. If I use the new guide I can’t get the script to even attempt to run.

If you’re not using a Pi 5, we’d suggest sticking with Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye for now (available as ‘Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy)’ in Raspberry Pi Imager).


The newest version of Raspberry Pi OS (Bookworm) has a lot of changes under the hood so many of our installers are unlikely to work with it at the moment.


Thank you for the response. That is the OS I have been using.

I have done several fresh installs now and always receive the error

Use Inky pHAT/wHAT as a personalised name badge!
Failed to detect an Inky board. Trying --type/--colour arguments instead...

This seems to be a fairly common issue. The site also seems to have conflicting information here on which setup guide to follow Inky pHAT (ePaper/eInk/EPD) - Red/Black/White

Update: FInally got it working. I had to update all the script manually as they would not worth otherwise

Good stuff. If the auto-detection is not working, you might need to enable I2C manually in sudo raspi-config (it’s under ‘Interfacing Options’)?