InkypHat which version?

My purchase “Order #PI241831 Thu, Jan 18 2018”. Nearly two years after delivery I finally tried to install my inkyphat. My main interest is to use weather-phat localized for “Helsinki” and “FI”. No success so far. I used the “curl | bash” on a RPi3A+ running latest buster. The InkypHat front and backside pictures

Which version is it ?

During installation process there where many errors always falling back to “pypi”. Is inkyphat compatible with “buster” or dedicated to ONLY RPiZeroW. I am just trying to narrow down what went wrong trying to get the device alive…

calleblyh / Helsinki

Buster Lite, or Buster with Desktop? The Lite version is missing some stuff that is stock with the full desktop version.

Using Buster w/Desktop full version.

Ok, not running the Lite version. Its compatible with any Pi with a 40 pin header, as far as I know. Is Buster the issue, maybe hard to say. Changes made to a new OS versus the one before it will sometimes catch you out.
Try running
sudo pip3 install inky For a python 3 install.

So today I have made a fresh Buster OS using full version. Inkyphat now on RPiZW… Trying to follow pimoroni/inky, I managed to run under tests, so I am sure my inkyphat is alive.

However my main interest is but any attempt fail.

I am very confused how to correctly run Namely I need exact terminal syntax how to define --colour xxx. Also quite confusing reading from Usage onwards

Typing in terminal “python red” and I get error messages:
Please tell me how to proceed. Once I get the understanding to run the weather-phat I need to localize to Helsinki FI, but that’s another story


OK, finally got it…Syntax:
python --colour red.

Localisation to Helsinki FI works.

Good stuff, sometimes persistence does pay off. =)