Installing Hyperpixel drivers _without_ X11

I’ve got a Hyperpixel 4 on a RasPi 3B, and my intent is to use it to make a little touch-screen appliance (with PyGame or something), so I do not want X11 on this at all.

My problem is that I’ve only found one official-looking driver installer for the Hyperpixel, and, from the instructions, it looks like it tries to set itself up as an X11 display. I’m worried that, if I were to run this installer, apt-get might try to install all of the X11/gnome/kde dependencies or, if not that, try to drop a bunch of X11 config files around the filesystem.

All I want is the capability to draw to and get touch events from the Hyperpixel in Python (other languages would be a nice option, but I expect that Python is going to be my weapon of choice on this project). Is there an installer (or command-line switches for the main installer) that just does that and skips all of the X11 stuff?

I don’t remember seeing anyone trying to use Hyperpixel in this way, you might be better asking on the Github repo. The Pimoroni Devs are more likely to see it there and hopefully will give you some better pointers on whether or not this is possible.