Interstate 75 - Circuitpython Issues

Good afternoon,

I am looking for some support with CircuitPython on the Interstate 75 board.
Am having real issues getting the board to boot and run every time it is reset/power cycled.

CircuitPython works fine the first time code is loaded onto it AFTER having had MicroPython running on it, matrix lights up and works as intended. I will then reset/power cycle the i75 and the display fails to light. I am unable to get the display to illuminate either automatically on boot, or via Thonny.
To get the matrix working again with circuitP, I have to flash microP, then circuitP.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Flash CircuitPython 7.1.1 uf2
  2. Load code.
  3. Runs okay, matrix lights.
  4. Power cycle
  5. Fails to light, no errors in Thonny console.

Kind Regards,

What are you saving your file as, and where are you saving it?

There is a uf2 file here for resetting the flash memory on a “stock” Pico.
Raspberry Pi Documentation - Raspberry Pi Pico, in the root directory.

The code runs, just the matrix doesn’t light up.
No such issue with micropython, just circuitpython seems to cause issue.

Ok, just wanted to make sure you weren’t saving it as etc. I don’t have an interstate 75, just so you know. I have a couple of LCD breakouts wired up, and a display pack on a stock Pico. I was hoping this would be a simple user error, I’ve made my fair share of those, let me tell you.

EDIT: I haven’t done much of anything in Circuit Python, Micro Python is what I’ve been using. And Pimoroni’s uf2 for the most part.

Thanks for helping sense check, it is surprising how often we all miss things like that.

I believe what I am experiencing is some sort of issue with circuitpython not booting correctly anytime after the first time it’s loaded to the device.

Your code or example files? Or both?

Are you sure your is being saved to the Interstate 75? I ask because I can run my from Thonny (not saved to the pico) , shut down Thonny and it will keep running on the Pico. That Pico runs from a Lipo Shim, I can even unplug the USB cable and my code keeps running. If I press the reset button its gone.

The code is defo on the device and persists the restart, I even believe the code is actually running fine, just the matrix won’t light.

The only way I can get the matrix to run on the device after a power cycle is by reflashing the bootloader. And even that is after flashing the micropython uf2, then booting the circuitpython uf2 again.

Ok, that’s all I have at the moment. Really strange one, this is?

Bumping to see if anyone else has had a similar issue?