Interstate 75 SWITCH_A works, SWITCH_B (boot) stopped working with new update

Hey party people, I’ve been enjoying i75 so far, saw that there were some updates, grabbed new uf2, and button b (boot) stopped working. just me? or someone else had same issue?


import interstate75
i75 = interstate75.Interstate75(display=interstate75.DISPLAY_INTERSTATE75_64X64, stb_invert=True)

while True:
    if i75.switch_pressed(interstate75.SWITCH_A):
        print("this works")

    if i75.switch_pressed(interstate75.SWITCH_B):
        print("this doesn't work")

Looks like we forgot to add a way of handling the BOOT button on the original Interstate to the shiny new way of doing things 🤦It’s wired up differently than button B so will need handling differently in

I’ve opened a Github issue to get it on our software team’s radar - you could follow it for progress updates? Interstate 75 - Interacting with BOOT button using · Issue #654 · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub

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Updated MicroPython image here if you want to give it a go: (426.3 KB)

And an updated button example here: pimoroni-pico/ at patch/i75-userbutton · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico · GitHub

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just tested it on my board. works as advertised.

many thanks for quick fix and support!!

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